Lewis Hamilton explains how his new ‘drive’ to reduce racism is helping him improve in racing

In a recent interview, Lewis Hamilton, seven-time Drivers’ Champion, explained what has made him more vital than ever in F1. The Brit explained that his desire to lead the fight against racism in the community and promote positive change has motivated him and improved in all areas of his life, including racing.

F1 legend and F1 driver Michael Schumacher has consistently advocated for change on the track. He used his name to highlight the campaign ‘Black Lives Matter. The 36-year-old paid for young Black designers to attend the 2021 Met Gala to promote their work.

Lewis Hamilton explains his desire to reduce racism in the community.

Lewis Hamilton spoke to Sky Sports and stated that “it was just before the start of the season, but I was thinking, we have gone through a period Black Lives Matter taking a knee. What’s the next step? How can we continue to spark discussion?” So I thought, “How about we work with young Black designers to make the shirts and then collaborate with a young Black British poet to create something meaningful? It’s all about telling a story and starting conversations. By the end of this year, there will be a real story.”

Mercedes F1 driver Hamilton said it was essential to spark that conversation’ as people are less interested in Black Lives Matter and inclusion. Hamilton said that while it was great that the sport was talking about ending racism, increasing diversity and inclusion, sustainability and all things else, it was his responsibility and that of the other drivers to ensure they were following through. Hamilton believes they must continue to spread awareness because ‘things aren’t fixed yet.

Hamilton explained how his new ‘drive” is helping him achieve a “real-life purpose”, which is helping him improve his racing. Hamilton answered the question about whether this new “drive” is helping him race better. It’s my new drive. I feel it’s giving us more longevity because there’s so much work involved. It gives me a sense of purpose and meaning in my life. Racing is not your purpose. It’s something that you do.”


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